Renewable Energy and Thermal Systems Laboratory

RETherms Lab at the New Mexico State University focuses on the following research areas with a goal of developing novel economic solutions to make energy generation, storage, and transmission more efficient. Our highly interdisciplinary research combines the fundamentals of thermal sciences, materials, and physics.

Particle Suspension Flow and Heat Transfer, Novel Thermodynamic Cycles, and Thermal Storage with applications in:
Renewable/Alternative Energy: Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), Geothermal, Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV), Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Packed    Beds, System Integration, Energy and Exergy Efficiency, Economic Analysis
Water Desalination: Thermal Desalination, Solar Stills, Separation and Transport, Energy Reduction
Waste Heat Recovery: Low Temperature Heat Recovery and Utilization, Heat Storage
Automotive Industry: Thermal/Thermochemical Energy Storage, Hydrogen Power, Fuel Cells


REThermS Lab is located in Jett Hall, Lab 248. Some of the major facilities/equipment/tools in our lab include two high performance computing workstations (16 parallel cores, 128 GB RAM, 4 TB HDD, 64-bit AMD Opteron 3.40 GHz), multiphysics software, statistical optimization software, three NI 16 channel DAQ systems, glove box, and a certified fume hood to carry out numerical simulations and experimental research work.


We sincerely thank our sponsors for their generous support.

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

NM Water Resources Research Institute

The National Center for Hydrogen Research

National Science Foundation

New Mexico Small Business Association

Maxik Labs

NMSU College of Engineering