Current Work

I. Development of a novel solar still for low cost low energy water desalination

This project is funded by USBoR and NM-WRRI. We are developing a new solar technology that could enhance the water output in a solar still by around 500%. We are collaborating with professors from MAE and CE departments. Applications: large scale water production for rural, arid and semi-arid areas.

II. Novel heat transfer enhancement technology for phase change thermal energy storage systems

This novel technique can reduce the cost of current heat transfer enhancement technologies. It also enable high energy density in a thermal energy storage system. Applications: automobiles, power generation, electronics, HVAC, agriculture, space etc.

III. Design and development of novel metal hydride hydrogen storage systems

A new method to improve hydrogen storage density in a metal hydride hydrogen storage system is being studied. Heat transfer in these systems is crucial and current options largely reduce the hydrogen storage density of the system. Using our heat transfer enhancement technique, more amount of hydrogen can be stored in the system compared to present methods used. Applications: Fuel cells, portable power, automobiles, space, power generation etc.

IV. Assessment of renewable energy options for a commercial airport

This project was funded by National Center for Hydrogen Research. We analyzed and compared solar and geothermal energy power source options for providing electricity to a 24-hr renewable energy airport at different locations.


Past Work

I. Study of nanoencapsulated phase change material (NEPCM) slurry in a manifold microchannel heat sink


II. High temperature latent thermal energy storage for concentrating solar power plants


III. Optimization of high temperature sensible thermal energy storage system for power plants


IV. Study of solid-liquid suspension flows in rectangular ducts


V. Supercritical organic Rankine cycle for low temperature heat recovery


VI. Liquid vapor phase separation using inertia driven rotating drum


VII. Liquid vapor phase separation using helical coil phase separator


VIII. Conducting polymer materials for hydrogen storage